• combat skills are tied to the weapon used by the player as described in the COMBAT page
  • skills are unlocked by training them on a hexagonal grid of skills - in real time, even when offline (like in Crowfall or EVE)
  • training a skill increases it's POTENTIAL up to a 100%
  • potential limits the maximum skill EFFICIENCY which is based on how often that skill is in use (just a % of time spent in combat online with that skill socketed)
  • EFFICIENCY of a skill will DECAY FAST if not having it socketed
  • POTENTIAL of a skill DECAY SLOW if not actively training it
  • there is a total limit on how much overall potential he can reach (?can be affected by genetic traits or family skill tree) - which is a sum of all unlocked potentials (this means that a player can not reach maximum proficiency in all combat skill trees - for example with 600% maximum potential, a player can have 3 skills on 100% in two branches of the tree or 6 skills in one branch or 1 skill in 6 branches)
  • starting levelling speed of POTENTIAL training % will be faster, higher % will be slower - this way players could test the playstyle of those abilities without commiting fully at the start
  • player can also choose many skills to train at the same time but that will slow down the growth of the potential
  • EFFICIENCY decay will be faster when close to 100%, slower or almost stopped when closer to 0%
  • skills are 'socketed' into predetermined control key/mouse/controller binding locations - i.e. player can have only one light attack socketed at a time but the types of this attack can be varying
  • only skills apropriate to currently wielded weapon can be socketed in the loadout
  • changing weapon type will change the socketed skills
  • each weapon will have 2(more?) loadouts available
  • skills are accompanied by TAGS which determine which TACTICS can be linked to them (similar to POE) - like aoe, buildup time, cooldown, duration, physical etc.
  • this limit is not applied to the interaction with other skills and effects from other players (for example a melee skill will not have a tag for buildup time but enemy cc can increase that buildup time)
  • Skill depth should open more options, not have them more efficient, most of the skills should be active

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