Skills are combat and non-combat.

Both combat and non combat skills are arranged in a roughly hexagonal grid that represents bias to a particular faction.

There are six main weapon types with their own skill trees and six main non-combat skills that in general tie in to crafting and working with the enviroment and items.

skill hex grid similar to combat grid: explanation
top left (domain of order) build construction taking raw materials and building order infused gear
top - oder/chaos mutate mutate/cleanse structures modyfying order gear as chaos or vice versa via mutation to be usable by that faction , gives that faction normally unattanaible functionality albeit at a drastically lower efficiency
top right (domain of chaos) destroy dismantle structures (harvesting structures into rubble of low qual. raw) take crafted order or balance gear and dismantle it to raw materials and faction pve power rating
bottom right - chaos/balance salvage/scrap extracting tech from structures taking basic chaos gear and modyfing it with raw materials - custom balance; in reverse mutating custom balance gear and stripping it to the basic and augmenting it with chaos mutation
bottom (domain of balance) combine mobile construction extracting tech from chaos and order gear and building custom from raw materials
bottom left - balance/order augment refinement (multiple low quality raw -> high quality raw) taking basic order gear and modyfying it with raw materials - custom balance; in reverse taking custom balance gear and stripping it to the basic and augmenting it with order infusion
rarity by font - abundant, scarce, very rare, compound
t1 t2 t3
renewable water, t1 plants, t1 animals t2 plants and animals t3 plants and animals
fuel wood fossil fuels uranium
construction wood feldspar basalt
crafting copper, tin iron, graphite thorium, magnesium
compounds bronze steel mag-thor

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